Mr. BioChem app is here to help you boost your lab productivity. This app was built together with a Biochemistry Phd student, in order to get most important functions, calculators, links,…, in one app. We think we’re almost there, if you have any suggestions we would be glad to implement them for you.

Mr. Biochem is the trusty lab partner of any life sciences student.


BioChem Lite – Free:

BioChem Full:

Mr. Biochem can:

Convert DNA sequences into their reverse, complement or reverse-complement

✒ Find restriction sites in given DNA sequences

Translate DNA sequence into protein

✒ Show you the codon table and the detailed periodic table

✒ Calculate the protein concentration in your sample, based on the absorbance and the extinction coefficient of your protein

✒ Calculate:
✔ Dilutions
✔ Serial dilutions
✔ Molarity
✔ Normality
✔ Concentration in % w/w, % v/v, % w/v
✔ Mass fraction
✔ Mass concentration
✔ Volume fraction
✔ Mole fraction
✔ Mole ratio
✔ Mass ratio

✒ Calculate recipe for SDS-PAGE stacking and resolving gels

✒ Provide a set of recipes for commonly used buffers

✒ Add new recipes, and select your favorites

✒ Help you work in a safe way, by providing quick access to the Safety/Risk phrases, the new Hazard/Precaucion phrases, and the old and new hazard symbols

✒ Offer a list of approximately 280 restriction enzymes, together with their restriction sites

✒ Provide useful links in the field


We thank for the graphics:

icons by BanzaiTokyo:

icons by Yummygum:

textures by: CGTextures:


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  1. Hassan says:

    I am happy this program and I want to be one of them

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